CD32 with IndivisionAGA MkII and Paravision SX1

Hi Folks!

I hope you weren’t too worried that my Amiga Journey had ended?  Those stories I wrote some time ago but thought they would be nice to share on my blog.  Of course I have had many projects since and I’m sharing another one of those with you today.

In this post I’m installing an Indivision AGA MkII into my CD32.  My CD32 also has a Paravision SX1 which gives me a CF HDD and 8mb Fast Ram, plus connectivity for Disk Drives, etc.  It Also supports PC AT Keyboards which is useful.

I’m looking forward to setting up a nice 800×600 workbench (SuperPlus screen mode) with the IGame/WHDLoad packs all installed, this should make a nice gaming machine that of course I can use for my real CD32 Games.

Here’s the MkII, I got this one second hand but it’s just like new:

First step is to strip down my CD32, it’s still nice and shiny inside even after all these years!  (well except for a little bit of dust!)

Quick view of the Motherboard with the shield removed, this has to be removed so that you can fit the Indivision AGA MkII.

Unfortunately I was unable to install the Indivision successfully in my CD32 right away. The Crystal Oscillator gets in the way of the socket so it wont snap into place:

I had to modify socket slightly, being careful not to file away too much so that it stays rigid & strong.

The Indivision is a nice fit now!  (Note that of course this will void your warranty if you bought yours new!)

Quick tests, just to make sure it’s working…

Lookin’ good!

Shame this CD32 version of Super Street Fighter II Sux <_<

Next up, with Workbench copying over to my CF HDD time to setup my SX1 and think about installing the DVI adapter.

Not an ideal fit, but better than trailing cable until I come up with a better idea…

There’s also space to route the cable out the back of the expansion bay and into the SX1

With my CF setup done comes the moment of truth! Will it all work together?

Damn right it does!

Crystal clear image with 640×512 interlaced 😀

IGame with over 2000 games to keep me busy!

And in 800×600 SuperPlus Mode via HDMI adapter:

Thanks for reading, I will have a further update to share with you in a few days…